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Pei Li Huang/ Senior Partner

M s. Pei Li Huang, who has nearly 30 years of experience, is the managing partner of Lee, Tsai & Partners' Shanghai office. LTP Shanghai identifies itself as a law firm serving the entire Greater China region. We are a boutique law firm specializing in corporate law, intellectual property law, commercial transactions, and cross-border legal services. We provide the highest quality legal services to our clients in the areas of foreign direct investment, corporate counsel, intellectual property, corporate law, cross-border investment, litigation, and arbitration. In addition to serving Mainland Chinese clients, we provide legal services for clients from Taiwan, America, Japan, Canada, and Europe, among other countries and regions. Our clients include the world's most popular online search engine company as well as airline companies, semiconductor manufacturers, telecommunications companies, biotech pharmaceutical companies, public works suppliers, banks, insurance companies, private equity funds, venture capital firms, machinery manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, Internet companies, financial institutions. We also have clients operating in fields such as culture and media, agriculture, petrochemicals, infrastructure, and retail.

Furthermore, our firm, cooperating with our partners, provides our clients with legal advice on issues surrounding dispute settlement mechanisms to facilitate the design of cross-border transactions and the enforcement of arbitral judgments. Cooperating with our partners, our firm has extensive experience representing our corporate and institutional clients in handling legal disputes before the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Dispute Resolution Center, the China Maritime Arbitration Commission, the China International Economic and the Trade Arbitration Commission, and other organizations.

In conjunction with LTP Taipei, our firm provides legal counsel on cross-strait matters and advises multinationals on how best to enter the Greater China market. Furthermore, with our extensive experience in overseas listing, we provide legal advice on Mainland Chinese investment in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

This firm and its partners focus on pinpointing the legal issues critical to business operations. We aspire to meet the commercial needs of our clients and to provide customized, efficient, innovating solutions to complex cases.

To provide our clients with the best quality service, in addition to working closely with LTP Taipei, we cooperate with 上海理慈知識產權代理公司 (Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law) and 上海理慈知識產權信息諮詢公司 (Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners Intellectual Property Consulting Inc.). 上海理慈知識產權信息諮詢公司 (Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners Intellectual Property Consulting Inc.) has also established a branch office In Beijing to provide an even fuller range of intellectual property-related services


Commitment to Professionalism

C ommitment to professionalism is the pillar of our firm's philosophy. Our attorneys, all graduates of top law schools in Taiwan and the United States, are equipped with extensive legal skills and legal knowledge in the special areas of taxation, finance, intellectual property, technology, and foreign law, among others. Acknowledging the constant evolution of modern society, our attorneys are dedicated to keeping themselves updated on the latest developments in their fields of expertise. We have acquired a deep understanding of the areas in which our clients operate and are well-equipped to provide a full range of legal services to clients in different industries.


Our practice is rooted in "Compassion."

W e are dedicated to serving the community and giving back to society. Ever its founding, our firm has actively participated in all types of public service activities. We aspire to employ our legal expertise in the area of public service to fulfill our social responsibility, reach out to the community, and give back to the public.

Our firm wishes to cooperate with public interest organizations. Through providing legal services, we contribute to public service activities including:

Assisting and funding the establishment and expansion of charitable foundations; serving as legal consultants for public interest groups, and participating in legal aid cases.

We encourage our attorneys to participate in all types of charitable organizations and educational and professional activities to help and care for disadvantaged groups of society in a variety of ways.

We aspire to contribute our professional services to better society, fulfill our responsibility to society, and keep our promise to give back to society and actively serve the community.

Our partners in their capacity as attorneys participate in pro bono legal counseling and public speaking engagements. Furthermore, we actively provide the public with free legal advice and provide members of public interest groups with legal training.



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